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Hurricanes and secret ceremonies. Chicken buses and spit-roasted pork parties. Smoking five cent cigars while busting Cuba's biggest myths. More volcanic ascents and live lava than most people ever dream of. Amputations in Caracas, eye operations in Kashmir. Plus aloha to spare ...

Welcome to my world, where "love is the food of life, but traveling is the dessert."

And I'm a glutton for both, which is why I've been writing guidebooks since 1998 and moved to Cuba a few years later. In 2004, flat broke but madly in love, I began working as a journalist, covering the Cuban health system and going anywhere my press credential would take me.

C'mon in and check out the results. Here are some good places to start:

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making news
Adventurous Americans
Breaking Free
Will ordinary Cubans reap the spoils
of American tourism?
All Things Considered
December 2009
Cuba! Lonely Planet's New
Podcast and Havana interview

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