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What people are saying about Here is Havana, The Blog

"I love her writing, period, but especially appreciate the way she writes about Cuba because she's one of the very few people (can really count them on one hand) who writes about Cuba without being polarizing and bombastic."

- Julie Schwietert, Managing Editor, Matador Travel (

"Conner Gorry writes about things which every Cuban knows and most Cubans complain about - constantly - but which often just sound like despairing negativity when they are posted without any context. She provides meaningful context for some of the grinding nuisances of daily living on the island.

Since Conner isn't a Cuban, but lives with and is married to one, and has been there for - I don't know, maybe ten years - and because she's writing for an English-speaking audience, she really helps make these things meaningful without being hostile. She doesn't make excuses for these things, just tries to lay them out for the reader with sufficient time and interest."

- Walter Lippmann, Founder, CubaNews (

"One of the best posts I've ever read on Cuba."

- Anil, July 28, 2009 (

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