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Since leaping into the freelance abyss over a decade ago, I've written scores of articles on everything from self-storage auctions to Cuban synthethic antigen vaccines. Realizing that readers of the former won't necessarily be interested in the latter, I re-produce here a selection of my recent writings, divided by theme.

If you'd like the comprehensive list, want to snap me up on assignment (you won't regret it!) or have two cents to pitch in, drop me a line.


Dip into Cuban valleys or scale the country's highest peak in these articles written for travelers like you (and me!)

Timeless Cool: Jitterbug with the Dancers of Santa Amalia (Cuba Absolutely, 2008/2009)

Cool Days, Hot Nights: Parque Metropolitano (Cuba Absolutely, 2008/2009)

Hot stuff at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park (, Sept 2008)

María la Gorda: My Kind of Place (Cuba Now, 2004)

Pico Turquino: Climbing the Sierra Maestra (Cuba Now 2004)

cuban health system
MEDICC Review is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to sharing the Cuban experience in medicine and health with the world. It is the only English-language periodical about Cuban medical and public health policy, research programs and outcomes. Learn more about this unique journal here or read my articles:

Cuba's HIV/AIDS Strategy: An Integrated Rights-Based Approach (OXFAM, 2008)

Cubans Team up for Better Nutrtition (MEDICC Review, Fall 2009)

Cuban Health Cooperation Tunrs 45 (MEDICC Review, Summer 2008)

Cuba's National eHealth Strategy (MEDICC Review, Winter 2008)

Cuba-Guatemala Cooperation: Building Viable Models for Health (MEDICC Review, Summer 2009)

artículos en español
La estrategia cubana de respuesta al VIH/sida: Un enfoque integral con base en los derechos (OXFAM, 2008)

El macho y el réquetemacho: perspectiva de género en Cuba (OXFAM, Abril, 2007)

Curación global, empoderamiento local: la cooperación médica cubana en Africa (Caminos, Diciembre 2006)

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