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Good, bad, and butt ugly - web content runs the gamut. So you don't have to waste your time with the last two, I've compiled this link-ography designed to get you dreaming, reading, learning, and laughing.

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where are you headed ?
Don't lay down with dogs: If you're hunting for a place to crash with confidence, look no further than my handpicked digs in top destinations including:

Havana   •   Bocos del Toro   •   Panama City

Itchy feet needing a scratch can read about cool places to go including:

The Yucatán


Afro Cuba Web
Crazy, crowded page design aside, this is the most comprehensive digital resource for all things Afro Cuban, from current race relations and upcoming concerts to the evolution of Cuban religions of African origin.

Here is Havana
The gringa in Cuba (that's me!) tells life like it is across the Straits.

Kewelta Habana
What's happening in Havana - art, theater, music, literature and other scenes all covered. In Spanish.

Latin American Working Group
DC-based organization working to forge better policies towards Latin America. Longtime advocate of ending the embargo/travel ban. They make it easy to make a difference. Check it out!

MEDICC (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba)
Over a decade cooperating with the Cuban public health sector through a variety of programs including the only peer-reviewed, English-language journal dedicated to Cuban health and medicine, MEDICC Review.


As Green As It Gets
Tiny non-profit working in and with the community of San Miguel Escobar is lifting many boats with innovative projects including fair trade coffee, school construction, and seamstress-training. Participate in a day project or volunteer long term.

Fiestas of Guatemala
Search by town, search by date. There's nothing like a Guatemala fiesta or festival to make your trip a real adventure.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) Guatemala Page
Anyone even remotely interested in the region should check out the reams of resources collected by this longstanding project of the University of Texas. For travelers who like knowledge of where they're going.

An Exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures -This is heady stuff, for archaeological buffs and glyph nuts. Covers many Mayan sites (especially the obscure ones).

If money is no object (send me a check) and check in ASAP to this amazing, intimate place overlooking Lago Petén Itzá. take a tour with them too. You won't regret it.

Revue Magazine
A lot of fluffy features (and it's one massive download if you're on dial-up like me), but the classifieds, ads, and general info about all the top tourist spots in Guatemala make it worth it.

Xela Who
Going to Quetzaltenango? You need this online resource with all the bars, clubs, restaurants, Spanish schools and fun things to do in Guatemala's second city. Plus where the WiFi is and bus schedules.

hawaii the big island

Big Island Event Guide
From the Kona Brewers Festival and the Annual Stampede Rodeo to the world renowned Merrie Monarch Festival and Aloha Festival, this site's got it.

Big Island Visitor's Bureau
The official dope on all things new and interesting on TBI. Good events calendar and basic travel info too.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Road and trail closures, current volcano activity (and how to get up close to it!), vog levels, and other park info. If you're going to the Big Island of Hawaii, you need this info to make the most of your trip.

Kona Web
Restaurant reviews, best beaches (plus secret snorkel spots!), and just about every insider tip you might need to make a good trip great. Written by people who live on and love The Big Island.

Stargazing Atop Mauna Kea
One of the top attractions of the Big Island (after live lava) is stargazing from one of the world's clearest summits. Best of all? It's free, every night, all year long!!


Casa Catherwood
This sweet, 2-room museum in a restored 1904 home facing Santiago Park in Merida exhibits 25 lithographs made by Frederick Catherwood on his seminal trip through the Mundo Maya in 1839. There's a pretty patio bistro serving Lebanese food and a fair trade shop - get your copy of Guatemala Great Destinations here!

Merida English Language Library
Some 17,000 volumes, DVDs, books for sale, lectures, children's room, AA meetings, large garden with free WiFi and Guatemala Great Destinations. What more could a library patron want?!

Yucatan Living (AKA Working Gringos)
Award-winning site by awe-inspiring ex pats Ellen and Jim Fields, this is THE go-to source for everything in Merida, from pet adoptions to organic farms. And check out those photos!

sites I like

Can O' Whup Ass
Seriously humorous and sometimes offensive blog written by New York Queen and king of the word Stephen Culp. Homophobes need not enter here.

Firmhofer Photography
This chick knows how to click (and has the moxie to go and get places many can't or won't). Check out her spectacular photos from Cuba, Kenya, Brazil, and other international climes.

GOOD Magazine
Believe me when I tell you, GOOD is great. Get a subscription and the dollars are donated to an NGO of your choice. Read the magazine to learn how to live more sustainably, in more harmony, with our world. Participate at the website to help others do same.

The Indie Traveler
Offbeat Travel in the US West - Travel writer who never stops moving Sara Benson clues you into how to do the Wild Wild West differently. Heavy emphasis on camping, hiking, and backcountry backpacking.

Kim Grant
Awesome travel writer, phenomenal photographer, and T'ai Chi Chih goddess

Roving Gastronome
Written by travel writer and talented home chef and co-founder of the Sunday Night Dinner in Astoria (which spawned a cookbook: Forking Fantastic).

general life & travel

Matador Travel
Fantastic travel community emphasizing professional travel writing and photography, plus volunteering and basically just hitting the road with good energy and information. Come on in and join the fun! Oh, and I'm one of Matador's travel "experts" for Cuba (Ńclaro!).

Afar Magazine
Really impressive travel mag that debuted in '09 and will rival Lonely Planet if everything goes right for them (and wrong for the LP world). Check it out. Well worth the 5 bucks at the newsstand.

Ideal Bite
Travelers and humans: we have to start consuming less and saving more. This ingenious website helps you to "live green(er)" sanely and have fun while at it.

OANDA Currency Converter
Great travel tool: plug in your currency and that of where you're going and get today's (or historic) exchange rates. Even works for Cuba!

Seat Guru
Fabulous site lets you enter your flight info and up pops the plane you'll be flying in. Detailed seat-by-seat chart shows you which has the most leg room, which suffers from possible bathroom odors, where the drafts reach, etc. Go here before choosing your seat assignment!

Excellent global hurricane tracking site. If you live in or are coming to the hurricane belt in season, it's worth checking the conditions.

World Hum
The Best Travel Stories on the Internet - The name pretty much says it all.

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